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Question 1:What is your Name, Age, and Gender? Ballyhoganthomas 14 male



Question 2:Which staff position are you applying for? (Admin, Moderator, Helper) Helper first then I am goign to try to work my way up to mod



Question 3:Which of the qualities listed above describe you? Why do you think you would be a good staff member?I think i would be because i was one ona server before and alot of people liked and trusted me but sadly :( the server shut down.Another reason is a really like all the staff especially 0mg_pull_0ut and daan2you they are awesome.And I love helping out servers and i like this one especially i even donated 25euro.



Question 4:What are your experiences with Minecraft? Minecraft SMP? FunkyFactions? (How long have you played each?) SMP i have played for a good few months and have always given tips to the staff such as artie is using desc chat :P  on funkytownserver i am not sure how long i have played on it maybe a few months but i know all the rules and everything and I really want a chance as staff :) 



Question 5:Have you ever been banned, kicked, or muted on FunkyFactions? I think i have been kicked a few times for md discuse never temp or perma banned though or even warned.



Question 6:Have you ever been a staff member on another server? Yes but the server shut down.



Question 7:What is your favorite game of all time? MINECRAFT!!!!!



[STAFF APP] (minecraft username) ballyhoganthomas


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Is anyone going to replay to me?

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